WOLVERINE #150 – With Numbered Certificate of Authenticity 3141:7500 – DYNAMIC FORCES EXCLUSIVE – Alternate Cover

Blood Debt, Part One (1)


Featuring – Wolverine, Silver Samurai, Yukio, and Amiko


The next chapter in Wolverine’s life starts in this double-sized extravaganza! While old friends return to Wolverine’s life, some brand-new – and decidedly vicious – enemies make their move!


It’s been six months since the war with Apocalypse, the return of his adamantium, the taking of his free will and the heart-rending sacrifice. Now, as Logan grapples with the emotional repercussions, a new evil arises that targets his very heart!


Who is Lord Haan, and how might his vile bloodline consume Wolverine?


Written By: Steve Skroce

Art By: Steve Skroce

Cover Art: Steve Skroce

Publisher: MARVEL


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