As Joy and Pete are driving into Belfast, where they see the devastation caused by ongoing clashes with the authorities and the Irish Republican Army. As he takes pictures of the scene, Peter’s spider-sense warns him of danger and slams his foot on the breaks. This allows them to narrowly avoid a Molotov cocktail that is tossed at soldiers by members of the IRA. As both sides exchanged gunfire, Joy, and Peter are ambushed by an armed man wearing a black hood on his face who tries to take them hostage. Peter temporarily blinds the man with the flash from his camera. Suddenly, soldiers arrive and gun him down forcing other men in masks to flee the scene, leaving their fallen comrade behind. They are confronted by the soldiers and once Joy and Peter explain that they are American reporters, the soldiers begin searching their car to verify their claims. Soon they are cleared and the soldiers tell them to get moving and not come back this way if they can help it. Soon they arrive at their hotel in Belfast. In his room, Peter places a call to his Aunt May back in New York City. She tells him that Victor and Rose Palermo are just heading out to visit family. However, she decides not to tell Peter her concerns that the Palermo’s might not be coming back


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