WARLOCK #11 – CGC 4.0 – DEATH OF WARLOCK – THANOS – 3972971012

Synopsis for “How Strange My Destiny Part 2”

Thanos persuades Warlock into using the Soul Gem against the Black Knight Death Squad. Warlock uses the time probe to enter his own personal Kismet trail, there Warlock finally meets the In-Betweener. Warlock refuses to be taken by the In-Betweener and tries attacking him with the Gem but it has no effect on the In-Betweener.


Featured Characters:

  • Adam Warlock

Supporting Characters:

  • Pip the Troll
  • Gamora


  • Previous Appearance of Thanos Thanos Next Appearance of Thanos
  • Magus (Adam Warlock) (Apparent death)
  • Black Knights
  • Egeus

Other Characters:

  • In-Betweener
  • Matriarch (Cameo)