The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 – DFE GREG LAND Variant Cover – Limited to 3000 Copies – W/DF COA

We’re not here to build a fortune. We’re here to build the future. We live in a time where heroes save the world every day. But what are they saving it for? My greatest hero was my Uncle Ben.

He saved so many people’s worlds, you wouldn’t believe it. Helping a neighbor with their mortgage. Another with his groceries. He barely had anything, but he did so much with what he had. Running a global company like this is the most power I’ll ever have.

And in his name, I’m going to do it responsibly. Create jobs. Equal employment. Green technologies. A chance for all of us to work together… not to save a world, but to make a world worth saving.

by Peter Parker



GREG LAND Variant Cover

Specially Limited to 3000



The Last Time

Breaking Bad

What To Expect

Church and (Quantum) State

The Cellar

The Spider’s Corner with Petey P.




In Shanghai, China, a commercial for a Parker Industries wrist-mounted smartphone called Webware plays as a group of Zodiac’s Leo Sect speed down the highway, firing energy bolts behind them. Pursuing them are Spider-Man and Mockingbird, in a futuristic-looking Spider-Mobile. Spider-Man sings a theme song, and when Mockingbird tells him to stop he activates an auto tune function. Mockingbird tells him that her S.H.I.E.L.D. training affords her fourteen ways of killing him, and Spider-Man shuts the auto tune off just as he receives a message alert from Nick Fury, Jr. who asks Mockingbird for a status report. She informs him that the Zodiac broke into Parker Industries’ Shanghai branch and made off with its servers, which would allow them to hack into the Webware devices. Fury tells them to not let it fall into Zodiac’s hands, and Spider-Man tells him he has no intention of letting S.H.I.E.L.D. have access to it either, cutting off Fury’s protests by threatening to stop designing tech for S.H.I.E.L.D. if necessary.


As they swerve to avoid energy bolts, Spider-Man boasts of his superior driving skills, courtesy of his superhuman reflexes, Spider-Sense… and private lessons. In the driver’s seat of the Zodiacs’ getaway car, Leo tells his grunts to take out the road. As Mockingbird complains that the Spider-Mobile is slowing down, Spider-Man tells her not to worry about crashing because it has web-fluid airbags. The Zodiac thugs blow up a car, destroying the road, but as they gloat the Spider-Mobile tails them, driving along the underside of the overpass. Cheered on by the citizens of Shanghai, Spider-Man switches the steering over to Mockingbird and opens the roof, addressing his fans in Mandarin, which he picked up taking his driving lessons. The Spider-Mobile’s wheels unfold into insectoid legs and it flips over, cutting off the Zodiacs’ escape. Spider-Man jumps onto the hood of their car, displaying a couple of the new webbing types he developed: micro-coiled Z-metal “Bug Zappers” capable of being electrified, and shock-absorbing expanding web-foam. The Zodiacs’ car crashes and Spider-Man checks on the citizens to see if anyone’s hurt. When one of them reprimands him for letting the Leo Sect escape, Spider-Man states he’s delegating their apprehension to Mockingbird, who knocks the grunts out and interrogates Leo as to why Zodiac has been trying to steal the Webware servers. Leo bites a suicide pill, but Spider-Man shoots him with an antidote he developed, griping that he’s tired of them killing themselves. Mockingbird accuses him of adhering to his “no-one dies around me” idealism, but Spider-Man tells her he’s not so naïve anymore and simply wants to save everyone he can.


As they return to Parker Industries to check out the crime scene…