Synopsis for “Perceptions, Part 5”

With a serial killer on the loose in Hope, British Columbia, Spider-Man meets with Wolverine in the woods. He discovers that the mutant has brought along the Wendigo, as the mythical creature has been blamed for the killings. At first, Spider-Man balks at the idea of having the Wendigo working with them, but Logan insists that this is what needs to be done. Wolverine explains that he and the Wendigo found the body of another victim and he asks Spider-Man to stay and “babysit” the monster while he goes into town to end this once and for all. Once again, all protests from the wall-crawler are quickly silenced by the bellows of the Wendigo. Wolverine insists on going through with his plan since they have done it Spider-Man’s way until now and it has solved nothing. To ensure the web-slinger complies, Logan threatens to expose Peter Parker’s secret identity to the press.[Continuity 1] When Spider-Man tries to cover up the dead boy’s body, it angers the Wendigo. This prompts Logan to explain that he wants the dead body visible to force a confession out of the real killer. Wolverine assures Spider-Man that the Wendigo is no threat to them because it hasn’t eaten flesh yet and will work with them because it thinks they are hiding from the hunters as well. Nervous, when the web-slinger asks Logan how long it will take, the mutant tells him it will take as long as it takes.