NYX #5 – QUESADA – Key Issue – 3rd Appearance of Laura Kinney – X-23

“Oh, God please, no! Please leave me… look… I’m just like… just like you. I’m not a mutant!” – TATIANA 


Kiden and Cameron go to the address that Kiden’s father has given them to find a dead John and a scared X-23. They take X-23 back to Cameron’s apartment. But another working girl has reported their location to Daddy. Kiden has another vision of her father and is told to leave the apartment. 

The trio makes their way down the fire escape as Daddy and some of his muscle arrive and shoot up the place. The trio find an alleyway to rest in. Tatiana is on her way to school when she sees a small brown and white dog get hit by a car. The car stops and the driver loans her his tie to stop the bleeding from the animal’s leg. 



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