MORE THAN MORTAL: OTHERWORLDS #1 – Key Edition – Exclusive DF Variant W/COA

Dynamic Forces Exclusive Cover – Limited to 3000 copies

Includes numbered Dynamic Forces Certificate of Authenticity. (W) Brian Holguin (P) Steve Firchow (I) Alp Altiner (C) Frank D’Armata Jump onboard in July, as Liar Comics launches their popular fantasy title through Image.

New and old readers alike will enjoy this glimpse into the future of More Than Mortal, as a mysterious stranger spins an eerie tale on a cold Samhain’s Eve (Halloween). When we catch up to Derdre the Protector and Morand the Witchfinder, they are travelling on the spooky Celtic holiday, and our heroes soon discover that the veil between our world and the other worlds has become dangerously thin.

Have they encountered an old enemy or a new one? The mystery unfolds as Derdre is led into a trap and forced to take a fantastic journey across the unearthly realms of legend and myth.