Synopsis for “Into the Void”

Iron Man battles the Technovore but it can reshape itself from injury almost instantly. The Technovore causes the station’s center of gravity to change, tearing the structure apart. Iron Man battles the creature in space and prepares his auto-destruct sequence but has to remain linked via telepresence at the last moment to prevent the Technovore from hacking into his computer and halting the countdown. Unfortunately, the Technovore overcomes Tony’s controls, but at the explosion’s instant the Goddess separates Tony’s consciousness from his body to save him from the neural feedback. She offers Tony another chance to serve her, but when he still refuses she returns him to his body. Later, Tony continues his therapy with Veronica and begins to feel attracted to her. Felix alerts Tony to the incident were Rhodes’ sold off Stane International’s nuclear plants, but unfortunately the nuclear material was purchased by AIM. Tony refuses to let this stand and prepares to confront AIM. Meanwhile in Siberia, Omega red interrogates Arkady about Olinka Barankova; he says that she defected to AIM. Omega Red then kills him.


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