Bruce Banner takes an Avengers Quinjet to rescue Rick and Bereet who were kidnapped by Humanoids, and are kept by the Leader in Omnivac, his space station. When Hulk is arriving to the station, Humanoids attack him and destroy the Quinjet and the Hulks helmet. Although the savage Hulk has instinctively take air, the frightened Bruce Banner doesn’t, so soon after his helmet is destroyed in space, he runs out of air, and falls unconscious. The Humanoids take him to Omnibus, where the Leader reanimates him and offers him to join him to govern the whole world as gamma brothers. Hulk denies the offer and the Leader sends again the Humanoids against him. Banner does not find a way to destroy the unbreakable Humanoids, and after a long, tiring fight, he gives up. The Leader returns Bruce, Rick and Bereet to Earth, since he feels the intelligent Hulk is no long a menace to him.


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