CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #12 – CGC 6.5 – KORILLA! – 3813789007

Synopsis for “I Was Captured by… Korilla! Part 1 

Reprint of the 1st story from
Journey into Mystery #69

A cab driver picks up a fare who is bundled against the weather but when the door closes on his cape and he walks away, he stands revealed as a monster. The cab driver goes to the police but they don’t believe his story. When the man tells them the creature threatened his life, an officer goes to the address he dropped the creature at, but is convinced it is merely a costume party and the cab driver imagined the hostility. When the man leaves the police station the creature is lying in wait for him as he feels he must kill the man before someone more wise than those police buffoons believe him. The cab driver eludes the hulking brute once again and returns home to pick up his revolver and resolves to end the matter himself by returning to the address. Once there, he is disarmed and taken before Korilla who informs him they are alien tyrants establishing safe houses on other planets in the event of an uprising on the homeworld. He attempts to use the man’s own gun to kill him, but he darts downstairs where he gets the drop on one of the technicians preparing the gas lethal to humanity and, disguised as the technician, directs his pursuers into a room where he slides the door lock so they are trapped. He radios the homeworld that the plan has failed and the penalty for failure is death so a gas deadly to Korilla’s kind is released and Earth is saved.