AVENGERS #102 – CGC 6.0 – GRIM REAPER – SENTINELS – 3813789008


From out of the sun, they strike again – the sinister Sentinels! Plus – the Grim Reaper!


Featured Characters:

  • Avengers
    • Previous Appearance of Vision Vision Next Appearance of Vision
    • Previous Appearance of Scarlet Witch (Wanda) Scarlet Witch (Wanda) Next Appearance of Scarlet Witch (Wanda) (Main story and recap)
    • Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (Main story and recap)
    • Previous Appearance of Thor (Odinson) Thor (Odinson) Next Appearance of Thor (Odinson)
    • Previous Appearance of Iron Man (Tony Stark) Iron Man (Tony Stark) Next Appearance of Iron Man (Tony Stark)
    • Previous Appearance of Quicksilver (Pietro) Quicksilver (Pietro) Next Appearance of Quicksilver (Pietro)
    • Previous Appearance of Captain America (Steve Rogers) Captain America (Steve Rogers) Next Appearance of Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Supporting Characters:

  • Previous Appearance of Grim Reaper (Williams) Grim Reaper (Williams) Next Appearance of Grim Reaper (Williams)


  • Muggers
    • J.C.
    • Al
  • Sentinels Mk II (Main story and recap)
    • Sentinel Number 2 (Revealed to be alive)
    • A3 (Revealed to alive)
    • Sentinel Number 8 (Revealed to be alive)
    • C7 (First appearance)
    • Numerous unnamed other Sentinels (Returns)
    • Sentinel Number 5 (Revealed to be alive)