AGE OF X-MAN: APOCALYPSE & THE X-TRACTS #5 – Cover Art by Gerardo Sandoval

Eye-Boy informs his teammates of En Sabah Nur’s betrayal. When he enters, they attack him. Furious, he shows his true form as Apocalypse and his rage that they dare judge him. Shadowcat momentarily manages to bring him down when she phases the menorah into him. When his computer warns of the incursions, En Sabah Nur admits that he lied to X-Man. While originally he only believed in evolution, he learned to love his son Genesis. He believes in love. The others believe him and togethers they decide to confront X-Man.


Hnh. The end is coming… whatever your reasons for joining me, help me save this world. Help me save other worlds from me.

– Murshid En Sabah Nur



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