ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #500 – June 1993 – Signed 5X – With Dynamic Forces COA 02980:10000 – LIFE AFTER DEATH



  • Jon Bogdanove
  • Brett Breeding
  • Tom Grummet
  • Jackson Guice
  • Dan Jurgens


Jonathan Kent has a massive heart-attack and encounters Clark’s soul in a near death experience. Jonathan believes he has returned Clark to life. In the real world, Superman’s coffin is mysteriously empty.

“I made it! We both did! I brought Clark back to us, Ma! Clark is back…”

-Jonathan Kent


WRITERS – Jerry Ordway * Louise Simonson * Roger Stern * Karl Kesel * Dan Jurgens

INTERIOR ART – Tom Grummett * Dan Jurgens * Jon Bogdanove * Butch Guice

COVER ART – Jerry Ordway

UPC/ISBN CODE: 76194120003350011


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